Sunday, January 17, 2016

Homemade Christmas Ornaments

I know its been a while since my last post.  I am making New Years Resolutions and this is one of them.  To blog more often, exercise, and craft more often. Here is a Christmas tutorial I got off  of Spoonflower's blog.

These are wonderful Christmas ornaments that I made during the holidays.  All you need is felt, sewing thread, and dmc thread and of course a sewing needle.  Also please check out Spoonflower's website.  There blog is one of my favorites.

Here are my supplies ready for sewing.

 Here are my lovely ornaments ready for hanging on the tree.  They were really fast to make and easy too.  Well have a wonderful January and I will try and post some of our Christmas photos soon.  I guess better late than never.


Thursday, November 3, 2011

Giveaway Results!!

Hi everybody!  First of all I want to say I am so so sorry for my delay in the giveaway results.  I have been sick and just could not get around to revealing my giveaway winner.  I used a random number generator and the winner of my Halloween ornament that I made out of paper clay and painted with acrylics is  comment number 9, who is BJ of Sweet Nothings.  I will contact you soon to get your address and thanks again for everyone who came by and visited my Halloween party.  I will post a pic of the ornament I made very soon.


Saturday, October 29, 2011

Giveaway Details!

Hello my dear blogging friends.  So so sorry for my delay in posting my giveaway winner.  I have been working on my prize and hope to finish tonight.  I will pick a winner tonight also.  Hope everyone will for give me and hope everyone has a fantastic Halloween.  

This is my daughter's Halloween costume.  She is a black cat.  

This is my son who wanted to be Michael Myers for Halloween.  He is not allowed to see scary movies like that but he knew that Michael Myers was very scary, so he chose him.  LOL



Saturday, October 22, 2011

Welcome To My Halloween Party Hosted By A Fanciful Twist!!

Hello and welcome to my Halloween Party hosted my Vanessa of A Fanciful Twist!!
When you are done checking out my party, please go and visit Vanessa's party and she has a list of all  the other parties too.  So have fun and get to partying.
On All Hallows Eve, when the moon is full, it is time to go trick or treating and some adventures for all.

As we walk past the cemetery, I suddenly get the chills and before me lays a skeleton trying to get out of his grave.

I hear screams getting louder and louder and suddenly Michael Myers comes out chasing a poor innocent kitty cat.

We take off running deep into the forest.  We come up to a skeleton hanging in a tree.  He's been dead for some time but he sure scared the wits out of me.

We have been walking for some time and I am starting to get chilly from the night air.  I look down at my feet and see that we were walking on skulls.

Let's go a little farther and see what we find.  Oh wow, here is a cottage deep in the woods.  Shall we go in?

As we walk under this passage, I feel a little scared.  Do you?

Here is a sign.  What does it say?

Those are the biggest spiders, I have ever saw.  Be careful, I am sure they bite!!

I hear a voice from inside say, Come In My Dears!!

Oh no, there is a camouflage spider on the wreath.  He almost bit me!!

As we enter the cottage, there waiting by the door is a Witch!!  Her name is Agatha she says.  Welcome to my home.

As I turn the corner her sister pops out screaming Happy Halloween!!  Her name is Morticia.

Every step we take, we run into more witches.  But guess what,  they are very nice and invite us to dinner and to go spooking with them tonight.

Mary starts chanting and laughing and she has me help her with the night spells.

Everyone joins hands and thanks us for visiting and tell us to come back next year for more spells and spooking.

As everyone gets on there brooms, we fly over the city and look at all of the wonderful haunted houses to visit and people to spook and trick or treating to be had.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Happy Halloween and thanks so much for visiting my Halloween Party.  Please leave a comment and I will give away a Halloween surprise made by me.  I will pick a winner on Wednesday October 26, 2011.  Leave me your email address so I can get in touch with you if your name is picked as the winner.  I will use a random number generator to pick the winner.  I will also post a pic of the prize on Wednesday too.


Sunday, October 9, 2011

A Blog Party At A Fanciful Twist!!

Let Party everyone!!  Vanessa of A Fanciful Twist is having her annual Halloween Party on October 22, 2011.  Won't you come and join the fun.  It's a blast, even if you just come to browse. 

Happy Halloween!!



Saturday, September 24, 2011

Salem Witch Homes

As Halloween approaches, I can not help but to get very excited and all I want to do is pull out all of my decorations.  Halloween is one of my favorite holidays and I have been visiting all of the lovely blogs that are having a Practical Magic Blog Party given by Frosted Petunias.

Well I was totally inspired and all I want to do is make something Practical Magic and watch the movie.  My husband preceded to tell me that he has never seen the movie.  So tomorrow we are going to watch it as a family.

As you are watching the movie do indulge yourself with the Owen sister's house.  It is a work of art and was actually only a display house and not a real one.  It was also put on top of a sacred burial ground, so out of respect they didn't make it permanent.

If you ever visit Salem, Massachusetts, you can see some beautiful historic witch houses yourself.  Oh how I would love to have lived in these!  As with the Salem Witch Trials, most people know how these poor innocent people were persecuted and killed.  I myself have never been before but my eyes light up at the beautiful houses and the historic places that one day I hope to visit.  The pic above is of Rebecca Nurse's home, who was hanged for supposedly being a witch.

 The picture above and below is of the Corwin House of Salem, Massachusetts, built ca. 1660 or as some people call it "The House of Seven Gables".

The pic above and the last 3 are of the Witch House of Salem built in 1635.

Some of these houses are supposedly haunted and with such a rich history of sorrow, I bet there is a ghost hanging around.  Now just to go and visit and enjoy the ghosts of the past and learn some history too.

Don't forget and go by and visit the Practical Magic Blog parties going on and have a blast.



Saturday, February 26, 2011

Back From My Long Lost Slumber!

     I'm finally back.  Can you believe it?  I can't?  Long story short, is my computer hit the bucket and we could not afford to buy another one for a while.  My wonderful darling husband of mine bought me a brand new Dell Laptop. 

      I thought I would start out with my 2010 Halloween pics since I love Halloween and I didn't get to post them for the Halloween season.  Above is my cute munchkins.  The skeleton ghoul is my son Joey.  He really loved the blood he could pump through his rib cage.  The scary dragon is my daughter Abi.  Her favorite movie is "How to Train Your Dragon".  So she had to be one of the scary mean dragons in the movie.

     Above in the center is my 3 year old niece Leah.  She was a cute kitty cat. 

     For my last pic it is the great and powerful Headless Horseman.  Every year on my parents street, one of the neighbors dresses up his horse and himself and goes prancing up and down not saying a single word.  He is my favorite.

     Well I hope everybody is having a great year and I hope to post at least once a week and post what I am making or what I find for my ghoulish self.



Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Halloween Giveaway!!

Artistic Halloween Queens are having a wonderful giveaway.  You can pop right over there and enter your spooky self right now.  You can enter through October 15, 2010.  They are giving away not 1 but 31 Halloween prizes from some fabulous artist!!

Friday, August 20, 2010

A Practical Magic Blog Party Given By Justina & Anna

Oh my goodness!!  I am so excited about this blog party given by Justina and Anna of Bohemian Magic.   It is a blog party for the love of Practical Magic the movie or the book or even both.  Please click on the picture above and get signed up to participate in the wonderful party.  Even if you don't participate you could add it to your favorites and go and see every bodies posts on the day of the party.

Please come by and visit me cause I will also have a Practical Magic giveaway on my blog.  Also go and check out this website completely dedicated to Practical Magic.



Sunday, August 8, 2010

Halloween is Coming!!

Hi everybody, I hope that blog world is doing great.  I just wanted to show everyone what I have been doing lately.  Here I made a Pumpkin candy container.  Mr. Pumpkin Face is made out of polymer clay and baked, sanded and painted with acrylic paints and sealed.

Here is the back of Mr. Pumpkin Face.

My second creation is my first jointed doll.  I know blog world has been doing alot of Alice in Wonderland pieces lately.  I just had to do my rendition next.  Here is Alice!!  She is made out of air dry clay and so is Cheshire Cat.  I sanded and then painted them with acrylic paints and sealed and signed.  I made the toadstool out of polymer clay and baked.  It is also painted with acrylic paints too. 

 Her dress is made of cloth and painted and sanded too.
 Look at what came in the mail for me.  I found this wonderful book on Amazon for only 13 dollars.  I have been doing alot of research lately on Halloween vintage decorations.  This book is Halloween in America by Stuart Schneider.
I got this book to give me inspiration for my new creations and also I would love to start collecting these wonderful creations for myself.

Please let me know what you think about my new creations, I just made.  I would love to have suggestions or comments on how to improve, change, or ideas for my future creations.