Thursday, May 22, 2008

Spring Time

Check out my other baby girl named Liley. Isn't she so cute. When she was a baby, she would trip on her ears because they touched the ground when she walked. She was just basking in the sun the other day while the kids and I were outside playing. She hates to be alone, so the only time she comes outside is when she goes potty and when we are outside.

This is my summer project. My Mom and Dad bought a new storage building and they gave us there old one. It definitely needs a makeover. I plan on putting latus around the bottom and painting the building off white with a new border color. I haven't made up my mind for sure, but I can't stand the barn red color.

Here is Miss Liley getting ready to jump up in the swing with me.

And here are my two angels riding on Abi's little four wheeler. I plan on buying them a trampoline soon and I will post pics.

I have been in such a blah lately, I have to get busy on my crafty projects especially my sewing and crocheting. I have so many ideas and so little time. I won a contest on a blog and I will post about it tomorrow.