Saturday, May 15, 2010

My New Creations

Hi everybody, I know it has been a long time. I just wanted to share with you some of the dolls I have made.
Here at the top is Jackie.  He is made out of polymer clay and I sewed his clothes.  I have alot to improve but I think he is really cute.

Here is a up close picture of Jackie.  Look closely  and see his arms and hands are made of the vines he was grown from.  He is ready for Halloween and he loves to eat lots of candies and scare the local teenagers.  He wouldn't dare scare a little child.  He just gives them candy and hugs!

This next creation is a white tail deer.  He is made with air dry clay.  This was the first time I have used this medium.  I really like how he turned out. I went and bought some more air dry clay too.  His name is Bucky.  His horns have not come in yet but he doesn't care.  He is just happy laying in the sun. 

My Dad saw Bucky and had to have him.  So Bucky will have a loving home with my parents.  With that said, I have 2 new creations that I am working on.  As soon as I finish I will post my pics.  Any feedback would be awesome.  Let me know what you think.  I know I have alot to improve on, before I start selling my creations.  If you have any suggestions that would be great too.