Sunday, November 22, 2009

Giveaway Over At BWBA!!!

Hello everybody!! It has been a while and I hope that everybody had a great Halloween and everybody is getting ready for Thanksgiving and Christmas.  I have alot of plans of some things I want to make and I am going to start them very soon.  I will post pics as soon as I get them started.  I just wanted to let you know about a giveaway over at BWBA.  Alot of wonderful artists are giving away some beautiful ornaments.  So go check it out.  Until next time, Toodles!!

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!!!!

On All Hallows Eve on a night like tonight.  The moon was full and people were full of mischeif.
 Ichabod Crane was riding home through the forest.
To his surprise he was being followed my the Headless HorseMan!!

Ichabod turned around and he was staring in the neck of the horseman.
After chasing him through the forest, the horse man raised his hand and threw his pumpkin head at Ichabod.
The pumpkin just missed Ichabod and crashed onto the ground.  The spirit of the HeadLess Horseman rose with a shout.  Arggggggggg!!!!
To this day nobody knows what happened to Ichabod or his friendly horse.
Ok on to other news, I wanted to share some of my homemade decorations with you.  Here is Marley the Ghost who welcomes everyone!!!
Missy the Cat loves to hang out in the local grave yard!
Who is this friendly cat?  She came in the mail just for me.
Amelia of Sweet B Folk Art had a giveaway at  Prim and Whimsy Girls website.  I won this beautiful Black Cat Candy Container.  I have long been a fan of Sweet B Folk Art, so to win this was such a treat.
Here is my cat in the spooky light.
Talk about luck, I also won this month a beautiful pumpkin ornament by the wonderful artist Kristen Beason Designs. 
Here he just fits in so perfect and he has made a friend too.
Leona wants you to have a wonderful Halloween and hope to see you soon!!


Ichabod Crane pictures are from the Disney Movie "The Adventures Of Ichabod and Mr. Toad"

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Gift I Made For My Giveaway!!

Hi everybody!! As promised I wanted to post my pictures of my giveaway that I had for Vanessa's Halloween Party. I justed finished him tonight and I am very pleased with the way he turned out. Let me introduce you to Jackie. He was just a normal Jack-A-Lantern till the other night, while sneeking out of the pumpkin patch, he ran into a Vampire. Well this Vampire was not so nice but he did spare Jackie's life and instead gave him eternal life. Now Jackie never has to worry about getting moldy or squishy. He will be handsome forever!!

Please excuse my pics but my camara is on the fritz, so I have to deal with the low lighting for now. Isn't he a cutie!!

Here is the back of Jackie and he looks like an ordinary pumpkin. But when he turns around you get a surprise indeed.

For my giveaway winner Whisperings 13, she will be receiving him next week cause I am mailing him to her Saturday morning. I am thinking of opening an Etsy shop soon and selling my creations. Tell me what you think. I will also be having giveaways from time to time so keep in touch and again thanks for being super blogger friends.


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

We Have A Winner

Hi everybody, I wanted to say I am sorry I didn't get to post the winner last night, but I have been super busy with college work and taking care of my kids and hubby.

I just want to say thank you thank you thank you for all the lovely comments I received on my last post. I had an awesome time at Vanessa's Halloween Party. I enjoyed visiting everybodies blogs and loved everybodies parties too.
I used the Random Number Generator to chose a number for the winner and the winner is Comment number 24!!!

True Random Number Generator Min: Max: Result: 24 Powered by RANDOM.ORG

Would Whisperings 13 please come down and accept your prize. I am finishing the pumpkin prize up tonight and will post a picture of the prize late tonight or tomorrow on this post.
I hope everybody has a great night.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

It's Party Time Baby!!!

Come on in, it's party time, we welcome you to our Halloween Party!!

Mr. Boo is so happy you came. He been so impatient, what a shame.

The city of Halloween Town is lit up just for you.

This scary pumpkin guy is ready to scare up some fright. He knows you'll jump if the time is right.

Take a peek in side. Do you like what you see?

Look out!! It is the Witch's Palace. Some friendly ghost are outside just to welcome you in.

Out in the woods is a ghostly sight. He shines forth for everybody to see.

Maybe this is his grave. What do you think?

Marlo the Pumpkin is ready for candy.

Oh know the Witch is home. She is making circles around us. What shall we do?

Don't worry say's Dracula and Scooby Doo. We will save you!!!

Out from the shadows, I heard a voice. It was Leona the Ghost. She is a friendy ghost. She had such a misfortune. She fell down a well, while walking home one night. No one ever found her. It would have been a sight.

Mr. Ghostie is so happy you came. He say's come back soon and we'll party again.
And I want to thank Vanessa of A Fanciful Twist for hosting this blog party. Please go and visit her blog and see all of the other participants of this party.

Please leave a comment and I will draw a name Monday Oct. 19, 2009. You will win one of my polymer clay pumpkins. I am working on them today, so when I get it finished I will post a picture of the prize.

Happy Halloween,


Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I Won A Giveaway and My Halloween Creations

Hello everyone, It's been a while since I posted. First of all my computer got fried and I had to get it fixed. I want to start out with a Halloween picture taken back in 2005 of my son Joey looking out the door gazing at our pumpkins we had just carved. I love the way the lights look hazy and spooky.

This is my first creation I have made recently. I made her out of polymer clay and I still have to sew her cloths. I think I want her to be a witch or maybe a zombie. I haven't decided yet.

This is my Pumpkin guy Jack. Isn't he cute. My mother saw him and said I want one too. She is a Halloween lover like myself. She always decorates with spiders. She has them everywhere. I will take pictures this Halloween and share them with you. I haven't made his body yet but I will start it very soon.

Finally to the giveaway I won. Cat Mallard of Darkling Woods was having a giveaway on EHAG's blog, where a group of artist get together and giveaway different pieces from different artists. Cat is a wonderful artist and she gave me a print of one of her drawings using archival inks. Please go and check out her blog and her etsy shop, where you can see for yourself how talented she is.
I am going this weekend to find a frame to put my picture in. I hope to find a spooky one or I might even decorate one myself. Halloween wishes to you all,

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Fanciful Twist Announces Her Halloween Blog Party

Hello everyone, I just wanted to announce that VanessaValencia of A Fanciful Twist is having her annual Halloween Party called A Hauntingly Magical Celebration Revealed. Every year she has such a wonderful time and her blog is so magical. So if you are interested, go and sign up to join the fun and you yourself can have your own Hauntingly Magical Celebration on your blog. Go check it out, I promise you won't be disappointed. Happy Early Halloween.
P.S. Just started my Pumpkin guy today and finishing up on my witches night gown.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

My First Witch

Hey everybody, can you guess who is peeking beside the candle in the dark dark night. She is a famous witch, who I based her on the real life picture.

Right here looks like a crime scene.

Her hair is made from Lancaster wool and her head, feet and arms are made with polymer clay and painted with acrylic paints.

Here her hand looks like it's alive and wants to tell you hello.

I plan on sewing her body and her outfit tomorrow. I will post as soon as I get done with my beauty. I hope you like her.

This final pic was with no trickery and sort of looks freaky to me. I love it.
Pleasant Dreams,

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Only 3 Months Till Halloween

I have been in the crafty mood lately and all I want to do is craft something spooky and try something new. I have been doing alot of research on Polymer Clay dolls. I have been looking at my fav blogs and getting inspiration from polymer clay and air dry clay artist especially the spooky ones.

My husband thinks I am morbid but I have always had a fascination with ghost, hauntings, scary movies and vampires. So I think it would be wise to make things you love and also the occasional historic character.

I went to Hobby Lobby and found a large thing of FIMO clay. It was $18.99 for a large block, but I was short on money so I bought this small block instead. I have heard good things about this clay so tell me, what is your favorite polymer clay to work with. I would love to know!!!!

This is what I bought instead. It only cost $11.99. Also let me know where you get your clays and for how much. All this will help me out so much.

Next I bought this small block of Premo. I want to try this one out also. Also sorry for the bad pictures. My camera is going bad and I have to get me a new one asap.

Before I got the above clays I had bought some sculpy clay and played around with it a little. I really have to practice on my faces.

Here is Marley the ghost with his pumpkin Jack. I think he turned out so cute for my first time. My dad said he looks like E.T. Hey that ok with me!! I love E.T.

I am going to start painting my babies very soon and when I get done I will post my after pictures.

Also the Dark Artist Guild Blog is have a giveaway until August 7th I believe, so go check it out Each of the artist are having a giveaway too. Go get some spookys right now, you don't want to miss out on the fun!!!