Saturday, September 24, 2011

Salem Witch Homes

As Halloween approaches, I can not help but to get very excited and all I want to do is pull out all of my decorations.  Halloween is one of my favorite holidays and I have been visiting all of the lovely blogs that are having a Practical Magic Blog Party given by Frosted Petunias.

Well I was totally inspired and all I want to do is make something Practical Magic and watch the movie.  My husband preceded to tell me that he has never seen the movie.  So tomorrow we are going to watch it as a family.

As you are watching the movie do indulge yourself with the Owen sister's house.  It is a work of art and was actually only a display house and not a real one.  It was also put on top of a sacred burial ground, so out of respect they didn't make it permanent.

If you ever visit Salem, Massachusetts, you can see some beautiful historic witch houses yourself.  Oh how I would love to have lived in these!  As with the Salem Witch Trials, most people know how these poor innocent people were persecuted and killed.  I myself have never been before but my eyes light up at the beautiful houses and the historic places that one day I hope to visit.  The pic above is of Rebecca Nurse's home, who was hanged for supposedly being a witch.

 The picture above and below is of the Corwin House of Salem, Massachusetts, built ca. 1660 or as some people call it "The House of Seven Gables".

The pic above and the last 3 are of the Witch House of Salem built in 1635.

Some of these houses are supposedly haunted and with such a rich history of sorrow, I bet there is a ghost hanging around.  Now just to go and visit and enjoy the ghosts of the past and learn some history too.

Don't forget and go by and visit the Practical Magic Blog parties going on and have a blast.



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Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing photos of these amazing houses. Oh, I'll bet there are many tales of haunting to be had.

Thank you also for visiting my Practical Magic party. I have your name in the drawing. It is a pleasure to meet you. Mina